Multi-kwik jaws on production lineDecreases tool changes

12 piece aluminum parts on Multi Kwik jawsMultiple vises side by side

With our revolutionary Multi-Kwik Jaws System, you’ll never need to machine just a single part at a time again. This unique holding system makes small or large production runs faster and easier. Multi-Kwik Jaws’ positive clamping allows you to reduce, combine, or even eliminate steps for maximum efficiency.

Every time you replace a part in the vise, each time you change a tool, you’re spending valuable time. Using our Multi-Kwik Jaws, you can run more parts at once, reduce necessary tooling changes by as much as 90% and keep your tools cutting almost continuously. With two, three, or more vices operating side-by-side, jobs get completed in a fraction of the time and your production will become faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

The Multi-Kwik Jaws System also gives you better part-to-part repeatability by eliminating the possibility of parts being loaded out of location. It will increase the width capacity of a standard 6-inch vise to eight inches. You can also increase the holding capacity of a standard vise three, five, ten times or more, depending on the size parts you are making. Multi-Kwik Jaws allow quick, reusable set-ups in a versatile and easy-to-use package.

Contact C&H Machine to purchase Multi-Kwik Jaws Systems for your production facility, or to learn more about this revolutionary product.

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