Large & Short Run Machining Capabilities

Improved part flow through cell manufacturing

Improved part flow through cell manufacturing

C&H Machine’s unique custom cell manufacturing and large or short run machining capabilities have enabled us to provide world-class production for a broad range of industries. Our processes and equipment combine to create an efficient workflow that minimizes downtime and shortens our already quick turnaround times. By utilizing the variety of CNC milling and CNC turning machines we have at our disposal, we can provide lean manufacturing for long or short run machining projects.

Custom Cell Manufacturing

For short run machining or large scale production, our custom cell manufacturing and production process keeps all the resources necessary for the fabrication of specific parts and components near at hand. This increases the quality of the finished products by reducing the possibility for human error between machining procedures. It improves efficiency by shortening the distances between production points. The machined parts only need to move a few feet from the CNC milling station to the CNC turning station, from the turning station to drilling, and so forth. All machine operators work together as a team, ensuring that every staff member involved knows the methods needed to arrive at the end product.

Custom cell manufacturing streamlines fabrication, eliminates waste, and reduces the likelihood of mistakes or miscommunication between staff members. By placing all the different machines needed for a particular production project near each other within our facility, both large run and short run machining projects will benefit from the decrease in transit time. Components that must undergo multiple machining processes are all worked within one specialized area of C&H Machine’s facility. Each localized “cell” includes the equipment for any milling, turning, drilling and EDM—or any combination of these processes—for the production of on project.

C&H Machine’s cell manufacturing and production also quickens turnaround times by enabling the machining of multiple parts at once. Using an “assembly line” process for fabrication helps complete projects faster and more efficiently. Custom cell manufacturing & production is an ideal process for both long and short run machining. Small quantity, high mix orders can be finished with very fast lead times and longer production runs benefit greatly from the reduced downtime between individual machining processes. Shaving as little as two seconds off the production time for each part will save almost three hours on a 5,000 piece order.

C&H Machine is constantly improving our cell manufacturing & production processes to make them even better. Lean manufacturing is the future of our industry, and C&H Machine is perfectly equipped to lead the way.

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