Titanium & Medical EDM Machining Services

Medical Machining  - Microkeratome Blade for Surgistar
Microkeratome Blade for Surgistar

World-class medical machining capabilities are available from C&H Machine. We can offer a wide variety of machining processes, from medical EDM machining to Titanium machining. Our medical machining capabilities are ideally suited for the healthcare industry, offering superior quality products that meet or exceed the tight tolerances and exacting specifications required.

We can execute medical EDM processes for the blades used in a number of surgical applications. C&H Machine has manufactured blades for thoracic surgery and other medical procedures, microkeratome blades for Lasik, cataract, and other eye surgeries, and special blades for hot knives that cut and cauterize at the same time. C&H Machine can handle a variety of the materials that are preferred by the medical industry for components and devices from medical grade Plastics to Steel and Titanium.   

C&H Machine’s medical machining processes are very useful for an array of applications. We manufacture parts and components for medical R&D and dental industry applications. We perform medical tooling and medical fixturing processes. These and other medical machining services have been utilized by a number of clients in the medical industry, including:

  • Surgistar
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Cameron Health
  • Calcitech
  • and more

We can work with a variety of exotic materials for medical machining. With extensive experience in Titanium machining and medical EDM milling of specialty materials, C&H Machine has developed a reputation for excellence in medical machining. Applications include medical implants, pins for setting broken bones, anchors for dental implants, and a variety of other devices and components.  Our Titanium machining and milling services for a variety of other specialty metals (including the nickel-titanium alloy known as nitinol), has made C&H Machines a valuable partner in the fabrication of superior quality medical components.

C&H Machine uses our special SmartScopes for inspection and quality control of our customer’s medical products. This completely optical (non-mechanical) inspection procedure ensures 100% accuracy of the finished parts and eliminates physical handling that can inadvertently dull their cutting edges or alter their precise designs.

Our medical machining services can be used to create single prototypes or parts and pieces in quantities in the millions. Our medical EDM and titanium machining capabilities enable us to create the finest, most precise tools and components. Contact C&H Machine today to learn more about how you can put our medical machining expertise to work on your next project.

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