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Parts in Multi-Kwik Jaws

Our Premium Multi-Kwik Jaws are vice accessories that enable machinists to hold and machine multiple parts at one time—many times more than double-jaw vises offered by Kurt or Bock. The Multi-Kwik Jaw system fits 6” Kurt Anglock vises, Quad 1 vises, and practically any vise that uses standard removable jaws.

Premium Multi-Kwik Jaws are manufactured from heat-treated, precision ground, high-quality steel. Our superior production processes hold the steps and holes to extremely close tolerances.

Our standard Multi-Kwik Jaws set is offered in a 5-jaw set. Each set contains five hardened, precision-ground and precision-bored jaws, two precision-ground Thompson case shafts, four unique low-profile stops, and two sample machinable aluminum soft caps. Additional components may also be purchased separately.

When using Multi-Kwik Jaws systems, the “cutting on strip” machining method is recommended. First mill the periphery of your parts, then machine as many features as you can—including steps, drilling, boring, and tapping—while the parts are still on the strips.

Contact C&H Machine today to purchase Premium Package Multi-Kwik Jaws, or for more information.

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