Econo Package

Economy Multi-Kwik Jaws Systems

Our Economy Multi-Kwik Jaws packages are the no frills way to go. They are less expensive to manufacture, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

Economy Multi-Kwik Jaws are incredibly versatile and function the same way as our precision Multi-Kwik Jaws sets. The only differences are that Economy Kwik-Jaws aren’t heat treated and their steps are milled instead of ground. Economy systems can also be customized: if you need a shallower step or a deeper one, simply flip them over and you can easily machine the size step you need.

Multi-Kwik Jaws Economy systems are manufactured to the same high standards as our precision hardened sets. However, these set do not include the unique low-profile stops or the Soft Jaws that are included with the other packages.

When using Multi-Kwik Jaws, we recommend the “cutting on strip” machining method. Mill the periphery of your parts, then machine as many features as you can, such as steps, drilling, boring, or tapping, while the parts are still on the strips.

To purchase the Economy Multi-Kwik Jaws system or for more information, contact C&H Machine today.

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