Multi-Kwik Jaws

Multi-Kwik Jaws are designed to save you time and money

Take advantage of hours of unattended operation

Multi-Kwik Jaws
Versatile and Economical

Why machine just a single part at a time? Our revolutionary Multi-Kwik Jaw System will save you time and enhance your bottom line. This revolutionary holding system is designed for use in small or large production runs. The positive clamping allows operators to reduce, eliminate, or combine steps.

Our Multi-Kwik Jaws are typically used for work holding in metal and plastics fabrication. They are especially well suited for use as an attachment mounted to work-holding devices (such as vises) used with milling or drilling machines. They enable these machines to perform several operations on multiple parts in a single set-up.

Multi-Kwik Jaws are proven effective for use with Proto-Trak, Ez-Trak, CNC milling centers, pallet changing systems, and more. They are frequently used in prototyping and high volume applications where small to medium sized parts are machined. Whatever your application, the Multi-Kwik Jaw System will reduce your labor time and costs.

All Multi-Kwik Jaw Systems are manufactured in-house. We pride ourselves on the quality and precision of our products. To purchase Multi-Kwik Jaws for your production facility or for more information, contact Multi-Kwik Jaw inventor and patent holder Bill Young at C&H Machine.

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